He may be young and only at the end of the 1920s, but Phil Ivey has made a name and reputation in the pro poker circuit. He is considered as one of the best players there is done through his fans and his pro colleagues. Ivey has already earned most bracelets in a year, making it a title holder for his 2002 poker performance world series in the following events: Seven-card stud Hi / Lo, Seven-paper stud and SHOE He has earned five world poker bracelets series and has always been at the top 25 list from 2002 to 2005.

Ivey’s method of playing the game is hyper-aggressive, as it rightly describes it. Many players have been intimidated by Ivey’s style; even experienced pros in the league had their taste of his fierce game play. Ivey is quite proud of himself because discovering his poker skills was self-taught and the experience was his best teacher.

Phil Ivey has accumulated many other successes in recent events. The November 20 Million 2005 Monte Carlo tournament, Ivey supported and took with him $ 1 million cash prizes. Immediately after four days, he again won the first place at Invitation Fulltiltpoker.com with a cash prize of $ 600,000. Cash games are more appealing to Phil Ivey, but as of 2005 he has earned a whopping $ 5.4 million in tournament games.

Ivey always liked to play poker even when he was still working on a telemarketing company, where his friends even helped him broaden his gambling skills. Ivey is so focused on his goal that nothing seems to stop him. He grew up in New Jersey and as a teen he often goes to Atlantic City taking with him a fake ID so he could get into casinos and play. He then did not get the nickname “Name Jerome” due to the false name he had on the ID, Jerome Graham. Ivey’s first taste of popularity circled around the gaming video circuit before his success in the pro poker circuit.

At a young age, Ivey’s career is still increasing. Enough is overwhelming that a young man whom Phil Ivey has accomplished a lot in ten-year reach. Just doing it through the final tables of the world poker tour is a realization by itself and winning the main events is the crowning glory of it all. Ivey dubbed as Tiger Woods of pro poker, but he truly believes he still has a long way to go and humbly refuses the title. It may look like a typical newbie, but Phil Ivey has a pro resume and experience to support his every performance at the tables. He is a young pro poker player to watch out for.…