Although it might be Kate Middleton who is married to Prince William and carrying his child at the moment, it is her younger sister Pippa who has a penchant for stealing headlines – just think of the royal wedding, when the papers focused on Pippa’s derriere instead of her sister’s dress. Now there is another reason to talk about her, as Pippa’s casino nights might just turn out to be the next big thing with that kind of seal of approval on them!
Let us explain everything from the start: the Middletons, that is Pippa and Kate’s parents, own a firm named Party Pieces, which supplies upscale party elements and events for those who have something to celebrate. Part of this business is their website, Party Times, on which Pippa herself recently wrote a piece which has been raising a few eyebrows – as she encouraged parents to hold ‘Casino Night Parties’ for their teenage children, who would not be allowed to go into actual casinos or take part in real money gambling.
There are sure to be plenty of casino online reviews popping up for this kind of service in the wake of her suggestion – after all, anything that the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge says is going to set tongues wagging, and with a subject like this which can be quite controversial it attracted attention very quickly. Writing on the Party Times website, she said, “(Casino Nights) are a great choice for teenagers. Dress the table in baize green, dust off your packs of cards and mix up the cocktails – then all you have to worry about is whether Lady Luck is on your side.” One certainly hopes that when she refers to teenagers she means those who are in the very small group of being either eighteen or nineteen years of age – or they should not be drinking the cocktails, either!
Whether or not you agree with Pippa on the subject of age, it is certain that there is something in what she is suggesting – as we all know, a trip to the casino can be very fun, and even more so if you are able to achieve it from your own home.…