When it comes to gambling, it is a fact that the more you extend your playing time in blackjack, the more prone you will become to losing your bet. There is no way that you can win against the house unless you resort to card counting. Here is a simple guide on how you can count cards in blackjack.

Position yourself at the initial seat of a table that is commencing a new round. Although this is not prerequisite, doing so would make things less complicated for you. At the onset, make sure that you inspect the number of shuffled cards.

Next, check out the number of decks being utilized. Casinos commonly use five to seven decks of cards which are shuffled and kept in a shoe where the cards are drawn. On rare occasions, casinos utilize a single deck. This is the ideal scenario because it makes things more convenient.

Designate values and compute. Cards which has a value of ten including the ace has a count of -1. Cards 2 through 6 have a value of +1 while cards 7 to 9 has a count of zero. Focus on the moment the cards are dealt because this is the crucial moment for you to count cards in blackjack. When counting, make sure that the card of the dealer is included in the count.

Get the quotient and then decide on how much you will bet. Obtain the running count and divide it with the number of decks in the shoe at the completion of each hand. If it is a single deck, always use 1 as the divisor. If you successfully obtained the number of decks from the onset, it will give you a decisive edge.

To determine the bet amount, simply subtract the number of dealt cards so that you can determine the number of remaining cards. For instance, you were able to come up with a final count of plus 3 and there is 5 and a half decks left in the shoe, divide the two and the quotient will be .54 which is too minimal.

So that you can make a huge bet, the ideal count should be +2 or +3. Unless you are able to get a high valued card, see to it that you bet the minimum so that you will have minimal risks.

By taking these tips into mind, you will be able to learn how to count cards in blackjack.…