Philippines; The Brooding Gambling Kitchen

A rich culture, a colonized history and an archipelagic country that unites different races and religions; this is what the Philippines is and there is so much more to find. Besides being the tropical fount for many foreign tourists, the Philippines are more and more becoming a brooding kitchen for different kinds of gambling. There is a wide variety of gambling games that might both shock and delight you. Experience something that you have never experienced before.

One of Philippines special gambling games in cockfighting. Though illegal in most countries because it violates animal rights, in the Philippines it is loved and extremely popular. The Filipinos even take care of their fighting cock as if it human and a part of their family. Cockfighting is one of the biggest and best selling businesses as well with over a million of gamecock breeding stores and specialized food stores all over the Philippines.

Another gambling game that is part of Philippines brooding kitchen is the Spider Fight. This is largely being played in the Visayas Region of the Philippines is called Paaway sa mga damang, which is the Visayan dialect fight between the spiders. These spiders would fight on a 12-inch wooden stick and they would fight to the death. In playgrounds the prize of the winning spider is simply the losing dead spider as their meal, but as popularity rose, the stakes changes. The goal now is to keep the spiders fighting on the sticks for as long as possible or until death. The first spider that falls off the stick three times loses and the wagers in this gambling game range from 25 cents to ten dollars and up.

Some places in the Philippines practice gambling on other people’s lives which is called Barang and is a form or is close to shamanism. People, who can perform Barang, have the power to place things and objects within other people’s bodies. It is quite different from Voodoo, because here the person gambles with a life that is not known to him, which means barang can enchant any stranger. This type of gambling can also have good effects, such as healing or rain calling.

Another part of the Philippine brooding gambling kitchen is the Jueteng, which is a Chinese number game much like a lottery. Although Jueteng is illegal in the Philippines, it is nevertheless popular and the game consists of two two-digit numbers that the player has to guess.

All these gambling games and more are part of the Philippine amazing but brooding gambling kitchen and many of these games will still live on in their highly popular nature.

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